What is PaperCritic

In a world where our lives are broadcast by Facebook and Twitter, our news consumption is dominated by blogs and our knowledge is defined by Wikipedia articles, science somehow remains 20 years behind in terms of communicating about its advances. PaperCritic aims to improve the situation by offering researchers a way of monitoring all types of feedback about their scientific work, as well as allowing everyone to easily review the work of others, in a fully open and transparent environment.

Apart from helping the scientific community, PaperCritic also helps you as a researcher or a science enthusiast organize your publication library even better. If you're using Mendeley (which you should!), you've already embraced all the neat things it offers, such as tags, summaries and in-text notes. With the help of PaperCritic you can now also rate and review any publication in your library.

PaperCritic is powered by the Mendeley API that provides all the publication details and connects your PaperCritic and Mendeley accounts. While we want express our tremendous appreciation for the creation of this API, it is unfortunately the case that being dependent on a third-party API means that we don't have full control over things in our own hands. Nevertheless, we will strive to cooperate with the Mendeley API developers wherever possible in order to bring you the best experience of both these products!

If you're interested in our future plans and/or want to suggest ideas of your own, please check out this blog post and feel free to either add your idea in the comments or send it our way via the contact form.